Looking to hire Directors!
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We are actively looking to hire Directors - for various projects like Feature Films, Web Series, Short Movies, and Music videos who are talented, with records of previous projects, great with working in a team-setting and focused on completing projects in a diligent manner. If you have the skills, connect with us and join our vibrant team!

Kokers Media Entertainments
Updated 7 months ago
Navin Kumar | Commented 7 months ago

Excellent opportunity for aspirants!!! The platform looks promising and will definitely suggest this to aspiring friends/people.

Revathi Praveen | Commented 7 months ago

"This is an amazing opportunity to join such a talented team!" "What an amazing offer, looking forward to connecting with you!" "This is so exciting, I can't wait to apply!" "This looks like an excellent opportunity to hone my skills and work with such a talented team! I'm eager to connect and join in!"