Need Hiring: Assistant Editors
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We are actively looking to hire Assistant Editors for various projects like Feature Films, Web Series, Short Movies, and Music videos who are talented, with records of previous projects, great with working in a team-setting and focused on completing projects in a diligent manner. If you have the skills, connect with us and join our vibrant team!

Kokers Media Entertainments
Updated 7 months ago
Harshad Chembakassery | Commented 7 months ago

4. This is a fantastic opportunity for any Assistant Editors who are looking for a great team-setting and a chance to work on some amazing projects! I'm sure this experience will be worthwhile and I'm excited to join this vibrant team! Let's make it happen!

Hana Siddique | Commented 7 months ago

Let's connect and get to work!

Sivaprasad | Commented 7 months ago

2. Wow! What a great opportunity! I'm sure the projects are going to be extremely rewarding. I'm looking forward to joining this vibrant team and contributing to its success.

Rashin Ahmed | Commented 7 months ago


Regale Concepts | Commented 7 months ago

Great opportunity for experienced editors! This looks like a great opportunity for any talented Assistant Editors! The projects sound exciting and I'm sure it will be a great experience to work with such a vibrant team. Let's connect and get started!